Sarasota, FL, USA - May 26, 2014: Young women of US Army High School JROTC on duty as flag bearers at the Memorial Day parade in Sarasota FL


As wounded veterans return home they face unimaginable obstacles in their daily lives. Thousands of men and women have been physically and mentally injured in recent conflicts. In addition to visible battle scars, approximately 400,000 service members have to cope with major depression and severe stress disorders. However, Battle Brotherhood believes that these men and women should not have to deal with this pain on their own.

you can help - isolated text in vintage wood letterpress type, stained by color inksThe Battle Brotherhood initiative calls on each of us to understand the sacrifices made by these brave men and women on a daily basis. This movement aims to honor their courageous actions and recognize what their families have to endure as well. Battle Brotherhood is a firm believer of strength in numbers and as a group; we have the opportunity to support these individuals during their acclimation back to normal life.